Luxury & Art Nouveau by the Eiffel Tower Interview with Patricia Mauguy Flores, Square Rapp

Words: Alice Duriez Photos: PFBDESIGN

In Paris’ 7th arrondissement, an interior designer completely redesigned her 1,937 sq. ft. furnished flat to give it a new look and feel.
Book A Flat met her for an exclusive interview.

Patricia Mauguy Flores Paris interior designer PFBDesign
Patricia Mauguy Flores, PFBDesign interior designer

Tell us about your background. Where might we have seen your work?

I trained as an architect. I began my career drawing plans for private houses. This experience gave me a better understanding of what architecture based on lifestyles entails and made me realize how rigorous you need to be to construct a building. I then developed a passion for interior design because it combines my love for high-quality materials, colours, furniture that is sometimes old and daring and appropriate lighting with my first work experience. Working with top interior designers (such as Sybille de Margerie, Christian de Beauvais) has helped me to start my own business. In my work, the guiding principle is to meet my clients’ expectations by creating the living atmosphere they are looking for. Then there is the building’s stories, how they evolved in time, because it offers a lot of potential. Finally, mixing innovation and tradition, experiences and differences, comfort and originality allows me to create a unique setting. You can find some examples of my work on my website, but also on Instagram, Houzz and inside CovetED Magazine, April 2017 issue.

Why did you choose this flat? Could you tell us a few words about the building’s history?

This flat was built in the Art Nouveau style, a surprising and ephemeral artistic movement (1890-1910 approximately) marked by exuberance and fantasy. The architect, Jules Lavirotte, built this building in 1899 and lived on the fifth floor with the Countess of Montessuy. The façade and both staircases are listed historic monuments.

Did you decorate this flat yourself?

Yes, I did. Along with the owners, we redesigned the whole “Haussmanian” structure of the flat by moving the kitchen (living space) closer to the centre of the flat, allowing us to create a shower room for each bedroom and separate the master bedroom.

What inspired you the most for the decoration of this flat?

The decoration needed to be more contemporary while preserving the aesthetics of the original interior: copper and ceramic fireplaces, mirrored doors, the shape of the windows and their handles… For instance: – the entrance in a “Chanel” blue creates a transition between the living-room and the kitchen to accentuate the different living spaces; – in the kitchen, the idea was to completely hide household appliances for it to be a dining area with a bar for a friendly feel; – the colours of the hanging lamps can be changed according to the occupants’ moods; – the master bathroom preserves privacy without being totally separate from the room; – the guest bathroom, however, is more open and inside the bedroom – the white sofas and mirrored doors allow for light to be reflected; – the cushions bring a touch of colour in harmony with the tones of the building.

What are your favourite items in this flat?

The light fixtures, the paintings, the coffee tables, the master bed and the kitchen’s extendable table (Ospite by Charlotte Perriand).

What do you like the most in this area?

This is a nice family neighbourhood. The surrounding area is full of green spaces such as the Champs de Mars and the square. You can also find vibrant streetscapes and small shops: rue Saint Dominique, rue Cler, as well as plenty of cafés and restaurants. Being along the Seine banks is also very relaxing and pleasant.

rent apartment eiffel tower district area Paris
Square Rapp – Paris 7th

Your favourite quote?

“Enjoy every moment in your new space and see it as a unique opportunity to develop your well-being while respecting your aspirations”

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