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People The ideal furnished apartment for an executive seconded to Paris From the La Défense business district to the 17th arrondissement

The ideal furnished apartment for an executive seconded to Paris - Paris apartments

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Photo Essay

Before / After

A successful renovation of a 247 square-feet furnished studio

After purchasing this studio apartment in Paris, the owner decided to carry out the renovations herself. She elegantly created a bright, welcoming and functional apartment, suitable for furnished rental.

Before / After - Photoessay Paris

Photo Essay

Before / After

A designer ups the game for a Parisian two roomed apartment

We are pleased to present to you the work of an interior designer with a bold use of colour: Marie Lacote. Without hesitation discover one of her creations, a small two roomed apartment, situated in the 7th district of Paris.

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Where to live in Paris


The Belly of Paris

Montorgueil , Neighbourhood - Live in Paris

With a name that means “Mount Pride” in French, you might imagine that the area has a natural tendency for complacency, and a sentiment of superiority over the rest! However, the irony of the story is that it was not given this name to affirm its excessive self-esteem, but rather with a hint of sarcasm.

The Place Vendôme neighbourhood , Neighbourhood - Live in Paris

Place Vendôme has long been the shining star of luxury à la française. It arouses envy and inspires artists. Visitors from the world over make no mistake, this is where they come to daydream in front of the luxury jewellery stores, enchanted by the charm of this fabulously Romanesque neighbourhood.


Quite a history!

Saint-Germain-des-Prés , Neighbourhood - Live in Paris

The stories of all those who roamed its streets, who loved and fought and rebelled over the centuries still echo within its walls. If you want to hear them, go wherever the wind takes you and follow its maze of alleyways between the Palais du Luxembourg, home of the French Senate, and the River Seine.


Paris from A-Z

The 6 best terrace bars and cafes in Paris Relax, drink and eat

What could be more Parisian than having your morning coffee on the street-side terrace of a traditional café? Parisians love being outside, especially when the sun shines, and there are almost numberless restaurants, cafés and bars with terraces to suit every taste.

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Saint-Germain-des-Prés A Neighbourhood for the Epicurean

The little neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, straddling the 6th and 7th arrondissements, stretches from the bottom of Rue de Rennes to the immediate surroundings of the eponymous abbey. It is a source of inspiration for gastronomic works of art, enchanting taste buds. Follow us for a day of enlightened gastronomy.

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