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Occupying the northwest corner of the 5th arrondissement, the Latin Quarter is home to Paris’s first and greatest university, the Sorbonne. Students have gathered here since the Middle Ages and they are, of course, here still. Like so much of Paris, the Latin Quarter has become increasingly gentrified in recent years but it’s lost none of its liveliness and the art-house cinemas, ethnic restaurants, and vintage clothes shops, as well as its pretty, narrow streets, continue to give it a bohemian feel. Accommodation ranges from charmingly old world to the enviable height of Parisian chic. The extraordinary Musée de Cluny (officially known as The National Museum of the Middle Ages) is here too, as is the stately Panthéon, a former church which is the final resting place for some of the greatest figures in French history: among them Victor Hugo, Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.