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The Luxembourg area owes its name to the palace and gardens created by Marie de Medici to remind her of the splendours of Florence. The streets are wide, with lots of listed buildings, luxury residences and large apartments. With Saint-Germain des Près to the north and the Latin Quarter to the east, this unique area feels like a village. Since the 1950s and the existentialists, the area has been a hub of Parisian art de vivre and its own specific expressions. Friends meet at the “Luco” (Jardin de Luxembourg) for a game of boules or tennis; children attend “Stan” (Stanislas middle school); couples wander along the “Boul’Mich’” (Boulevard Saint Michel), and for nothing in the world would its inhabitants miss the “TBM” (the sales at Le Bon Marché). It is quickly picked up: the Germanopratin codes have the elegance of being easy to master!